Monday, July 11, 2011


3 is a Pair
This picture is about my 3 kids, who always will have each other (even when they feel they are alone or have nothing to do or don't know how to get along.). They always have one or the other a pair made out of three. 
  I took up close pictures of each of them and completely distorted the pictures.  I Mod Podged everything together and then melted some plastic wrap (very carefully) on top of the picture to give and extra texture effect.


  1. Interesting what you've done here. Very thoughtful piece - I hope your kids get along better!

  2. this is a great piece...don
    't worry...your kids may bicker but remember they love each

  3. Such an original piece. Annette x

  4. I like the technique that you used and how cool the distorted pictures look. I hope the same thing for my children.

  5. Oh wow! I LOVE LOVE the melted wax on the distorted photos - and the vintage-looking text in the upper right is perfect - love this! xo